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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Dotmos be ready?

We’re planning to start the beta period in late Q2 of this year, with a go-live date sometime in Q4. Note that the platform will be built in sections, with pricing that reflects the value of each added module.

Is there a discount for early adopters?

Yes! From now until we launch, anyone that pre-registers will recieve a 50% lifetime discount. Check the ‘I’d like to pre-register for a discounted rate’ box in the form on this page and we’ll follow up with additional details.

Are you seeking investors?

Yes – indicate your interest using the form above and our CEO will follow up.

How much will Dotmos cost?

The pricing will start in the low teens and go up as we add features and tools, likely landing in the sub-$100 range.

Can I keep certain tools in my marketing stack?

Yes – we’re working on integrations with the more popular tools out there, so that you can stick with the ones that you prefer and compare against our version. Please note those tools in the form on this page and we’ll add them to the integration list.

Why an all-in-one marketing suite?

The two main problems we are solving:

  1. Simplification – reducing the amount of tools (and browser tabs) SaaS marketers use for growth.
  2. Integration – when everything lives in one place, connecting the dots between data and projects is a seamless experience.